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Lauren B's Best Books of 2011

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Lauren B shares with us "what I loved this year":

altBook of the Year for me is a tie between the elegant and affecting The Hare with the Amber Eyes and the rollicking and affecting The Wilder Life. Both books took me somewhere else and left much powerful emotion in their wake.

I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson. Spot-on re: teenage girls' sexuality and a really compassionate take on David Cassidy.

Cities of Salt by Abdulrahman Munif. A profound novel about the oil industry in Saudia Arabia and the destruction of the nomadic life. Everyone should read this.

Corrigan by Caroline Blackwood. Wicked, wicked novel.

Bossypants by Tina Fey. I read most of this in a public place, even though I was laughing so hard, I was practically hyperventilating.

I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti. Looking at the West Bank through the eyes of a Palestinian poet.

This Human Season by Louise Dean. Humane and thoughful novel about the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland in the 1980s.

The Love of My Youth by Mary Gordon. College sweethearts meet again as adults. If you are of a certain age, this book will move you.

Just Kids by Patti Smith. It took me two tries, but I was totally charmed. I adore her tender account of her younger self.

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