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Q&A with Margot Livesey

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Margot Livesey Margot Livesey will be available to answer questions about her writing and talk about her newest book, The Flight of Gemma Hardy, this coming Friday and Saturday, February 10-11. Please join us in the Forum for this discussion.

Sarah Towers in the New York Times writes:
“The Flight of Gemma Hardy,” Livesey’s appealing new novel, is, as she has explained, a kind of continued conversation, a “recasting” of both “Jane Eyre” and Livesey’s own childhood. Set mostly in Scotland in the late 1950s and ’60s, the narrative follows the fortunes of a young girl, Gemma Hardy, who is beset by bad luck. Born to a Scottish mother and an Icelandic father, she was orphaned by the age of 3, when she was taken from Iceland to Scotland by her mother’s brother. There her original Icelandic name was discarded. As the novel opens, 10-year-old Gemma’s beloved uncle has also died, and her cold, snobbish aunt is sending her off to be a “working girl” at a harsh boarding school.

Margot's previous novels include Homework, Criminals, The Missing World, Eva Moves the Furniture, Banishing Verona and The House on Fortune Street.

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