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Q&A with Sharon Kay Penman

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Sharon Kay Penman Sharon Kay Penman will be available to answer questions about her writing and talk about her newest book, Lionheart, Wednesday and Thursday, February 15-16. Please join us in the Forum for this discussion.

Margaret George, author of Elizabeth I: A Novel, writes:

"The great Crusader king Richard the Lionheart comes alive in all his complex splendor in this masterpiece of a medieval tapestry by Sharon Kay Penman. She brings him and his legendary enemy, Saladin, before us, both on the battlefield for Jerusalem and in the quiet of their private chambers. It's as if you were there, in this strange, beguiling, vanished time that haunts the Middle East even today. Penman has triumphed in capturing its elusive essence and the blazing glory of the English king called Lionheart." (-Margaret George, author of Elizabeth I: A Novel )

You can read an excerpt of Lionheart here.

Sharon Kay Penman is the author of seven critically acclaimed historical novels: The Sunne in Splendour, Here be Dragons, Falls the Shadow, The Reckoning, When Christ and his Saints Slept, Time and Chance, and Devil’s Brood.

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